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Here at Medicine Man, we appreciate every one of our customers.

To show you how much we appreciate your business, we have created an extensive Rewards Program where you will earn points for almost any action you take on our website.

We want to extend our gratitude by giving you rewards points for every dollar you spend with us, referring your friends, sharing any of our pages or website on any of your social media accounts, writing a review of our products, commenting on our blog, following us on Instagram, and even logging in each day!

We hope you enjoy our products!

REDEEM: 50 points redeemed for $1

ActionPointsDollar Equivalent
Refer a friend1000$20.00
1.5 points for every $1 spent3%$0.03
Share on social media50$1.00
Write a review on a product50$1.00
Instagram follow50$1.00
New registration/sign up175$3.50
Blog post review50$1.00
Daily login15$0.30