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Ordering your Cannabis online is now made simple

We, at Medicine Man, understand that buying your medical marijuana isn’t a piece of cake in Canada. Most people who don’t have proper dispensaries in their area have to turn to the illegal means of getting it from the streets. Others travel to the lengths of the country in search of larger dispensaries in metropolis areas. This isn’t any better than buying from the streets since it requires a lot of time, effort and traveling to actually find and purchase it. Besides, most of those dispensaries don’t test their products for issues like molds, mites and even THC/CBD percentages. They also happen to buy their batches from the same street vendors.

Medicine Man strives to provide you with supreme quality marijuana through our online dispensary throughout all of Canada, provided you are over the legal age. When purchasing with us, you can be certain of our fair prices as we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality of marijuana for your money value. We ensure that the flowers we use to supply your medical needs are the best throughout the world, not just Canada. We get our flowers from guaranteed and approved growers who sell their premium quads (AAAA) throughout America through online dispensaries and in shops in Ontario and BC. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are one of the very few online dispensaries who sell the rare quads quality marijuana.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the below step-by-step guide to get your supreme quality cannabis online from one of best online dispensaries ever!


Choose your products from flowers, concentrates, to edibles from our shop page.


While going through our shop, continue by adding to the cart the flowers you desire. You can check out your cart items at any time!


Once you have finalized the items that you need in your shopping cart, you can press the button for Checkout and you will be redirected to your cart to finalize your decisions.


In order to checkout, you will be directed to upload a photo of the back of your Government ID (Canadian Provincial License) in order to verify your age. Once you enter the details, your account will be set-up and you may then proceed with checking out your order. If you don’t have a Canadian Government ID/Provincial License, you may resort to signing up here by uploading a photo of any different Government ID (Passport, Residency Card). This sign-up method requires manual approval and that may take up to 24 hours.


After filling out the required details for your order, accept our Terms & Conditions in order to go through with your order. You can place your order with us without any limitations of minimum and maximum quantity.


We accept payment via Interac E-transfer, which is easy and secure. Follow the steps in checking out your order to find all of the E-transfer information needed to complete the payment. Once we receive your Interac E-transfer, your order will be processed and shipped to you the following business day.


We provide various shipping options to facilitate you to the maximum. We ensure that you get your package as soon as possible by using Xpress shipping across Canada. You can also get free shipping for following:

Spend $99 and Expedited is free (valued at $15)
Spend $149 and Xpress is free (valued at $25)
Spend $199 and Priority is free (valued at $40)