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How Old Is Cannabis?

Cannabis History

How Old Is The Cannabis Plant? There are many newbies (new to) to the cannabis plant and the question how old is cannabis is one that many want an answer to. After being asked by several people on different occasions this same question I came to thinking this must be a question a lot of […]

Can Some Cannabis Strains Prevent Or Even Fight Covid-19?

Cannabis & Covid-19

Can some Cannabis CBD strains prevent Covid-19? Above all, we all want to know if some cannabis CBD strains prevent Covid-19 and if some strains can possibly fight it? Cannabis is a medicinal plant and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Two Canadian doctors in Lethbridge, AB have been researching with […]

Weed Delivery in Calgary

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Medicine Man provides weed delivery in Calgary in under 2 hours during our peak time and under 1 hour during regular hours. We have flower, edibles, concentrates available right to your doorstep!

How to Roll a joint

Joints are a great way to enjoy Cannabis. It is often one of the most convenient and common methods used for consuming Cannabis. Just like learning how to ride a bike, learning how to roll a joint gets better with practice and its important that you practice with the correct techniques so that you can master it.

CBD is used for healing

Health Benefits of CBD Thumbnail

Since ancient times, people have known CBD is used for healing. There have been tribes of humans throughout time who’ve had the knowledge that Cannabis has healing substances.

CBD in Stock

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Nowadays, it seems CBD is out of stock everywhere we look. Not only that but a year ago, CBD was abundant and it was at an even lower price. That’s why Medicine Man is dedicated to ensuring we always have CBD available at the most affordable prices available in the world!

Can CBD get you high?

With all of the recent talks about CBD and it’s multitude of health benefits, consumers have lots of questions. One of the most prominent being, can CBD get you high?